"Excellent service all round!
Darren is an honest/reasonable and knowledgeable guy.
After giving my car a look over (damage to bumper, wing and light) he spoke through with me all my options for repair, gave me a call next day with a quote after looking at parts.
Quickly booked in and sorted within a week. Fantastic job done, my car looks better than when I bought it!
Highly recommend, thanks Darren!" - Victoria S - Volkswagen Polo

"This guy really is one of the best and knows his stuff. Never fails to do a great job. In the past 5 years used him many times to do several cars and never fails to impress. He is honest and the repairs are excellent. Always done on time and very professional when dealing with our clients who drop the cars in. In fact one of our clients is partially disabled and he goes out of his way to collect and drop the car the car back. Always been very impressed.
Highly recommend." - David Gaskell - Range Rover Sport

"I recently had my car painted at another local bodyshop as they had lower prices. After a while the paint looked dull and started to peel around the door handles and trim fittings. A friend said I should check their page to see how they did the work. I did and I was surprised to see they did not remove any of the parts where the paint was now peeling. They just put paper around them. I was given the name of 2 places to go to to have the job done right. I choose Spraysmart. The guy there has done a marvellous job. The car now looks like new and I am so much happier with the work. Straight away from collection the quality was far superior and the shine. I can not recommend highly enough. Very polite and very good work. It was obvious why the other place was so much cheaper." - Monika Bayliss - Audi A4 S-Line

"Really good professional service and a really good paint job would recommend to go for a repair" - Garry Tye

"Really good professional service and a really good paint job would recommend to go for a repair" - Stephen Taylor

"Just picked my car up from spray smart Darren has done a excellent job on removing a small dent he give the best quote for the repair I would highly recommend him" - Andrew Crozier

"Had work done on a bmw 5 series , really impressed with work carried out, i would highly recomend & would certainly keep in mind if needed again excellent service 5 star" - David Paige

"This guy knows his stuff. First class job on 5 series beemer .highly recommend." - Stuart Holland - Range Rover Sport SVR

"A brilliant job only on for a day The cost was very reasonable would recomend to anyone" - Colin Helsby

"I lost an arguement with my gate post. resulting in a foot long scratch and dent to my new car. The first quote I got was around £600. I got Spraysmart from the local directory, checked them out on the Internet and arranged to take my car for inspection. Their quote was a quarter of the other firms'. My car was collected from home a few days later and returned at the end of the same working-day, with a very professional repair made. To the untrained eye, you would never have known there had been damage there. I got good follow-up advice about when to wash the car. I would certainly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a good job, well-done at an affordable price. Spraysmart are small, but they try harder and I got a guarantee as well." - Mr Jennings of St.Helens - Crysler Sebring

"Being someone who looked after my car I was quite upset when I got a scuff on my bumper. I was not that concerned as it was on the plastic bumper. Then I got some damage on the front wing. I contacted a company that advertised locally in the St.Helens Star as a Mobile repairer, who carried out the repairs for me. The repair was ok and looked fine. I was told that the new UV laquer was the best and gave great resilance to weathering. Well this maybe true for a few months. After 3 months the repair was very dull and started to crack. I went back to the company that did the repair, and they did not want to know. I visited SpraySmart and they looked at the repair and they were horrified that someone had done this to my car. After 1 week I booked my car in with SpraySmart to be corrected. It is now perfect. The whole job took two days to put right but it now looks great. Perfect job guys. I would highly recommend SpraySmart as a company that give bodyshop repairs at great prices. I would say be very aware of newer SMART repair companies. Especailly mobile units that work even when the weather is not suitable." - Mr D.Stanley of Rainford - Renault Clio Sport

"I used a local company advertising SSR technology to remove some scratch damage on my passenger door. I paid £120 for the scratches to be removed. However all I got for the £120 was some paint touched into the scratches! The damage was still there, but was just coloured. Then I went to SpraySmart. They explained the SSR (Sprayless Scratch Repair) process and why it was not appropiate in this case. If the damage has broken the paint or cut in to the bodywork it required spraying and there is no other way. SSR is only good for light scratches and nothing more. SpraySmart quoted £75 to TOTALLY REPAIR the scratches. I was very sceptical but gave them the chance to prove me wrong. When I collected the car the area looked like new! not a blemish or scratch in sight. All I need now is a refund from the SSR company as they did a botch job. Thanks to the technicians at SpraySmart I am now happy with my car."- Mr A.Williams of Dentons Green St.Helens

"I have a Mercedes that is only 3 years old and someone kindly keyed 3 panels. I was quoted over £1000 from Mercedes and well over £500 from other body shops. SpraySmart quoted £250 and when I dropped the car down to them the procedure was clearly explained and this made me confident that they would do a good job. I collected the car at 5pm the same day. The finish on the car was excellent and very high gloss. Colour match was perfect. I looked down the side of the car and there was not a sign of any work being done. I was nervous about using SMART repairers from cvomments I have heard. SpraySmart do an excellent job and I would highly recommend them." - Mr. Edwards of  Sutton - St.Helens

"We could not sell our Renault Clio due to a number of scratches and vandalism on the car. A body shop told us we needed full respray which would cost far too much money. Spray Smart came out and said they could sort it out for less than £100! After 4 hours using several polishing techniques the car looked like new. Sold the car the following week!" Miss K. Preston of Rainford

"I was trading my car in against a new one and the garage took off £300 for a 6 inch scratch on the drivers door. I was quoted anything from £150 to £300 to have the door repaired. Spray Smart took the car and brought it back the same day looking like new and it cost under £100! I took the car back to the same garage for trade in and got full trade in value! well worth getting the repair done." Mr J. Wellington of Golborne - Black Ford RS 

"A professional service and good quality. Saved me over 50% on the quote I was given from a local bodyshop" - Mr J.Hodgen of St.Helens - Vandal damage to Ford Focus in Silver

"Although not all the repairs were suitable for this type of repair system, the repairs that where carried out where of excellent quality. Highly recommended" - Mrs S.Reed of Burscough - Dented rear Panel on Mercedes 200 Sport 

"Used similar companies in the past and never been 100% happy. By far the finish obtained by Spray Smart was as close as I have witnessed from the better Bodyshops in the area. Will use again and highly recommended' - Mr J. Williams of Widnes (2nd hand car sales)

"I was selling my car and there were a few minor dents and scratches. Spray Smart did an excellent job and increased the sale value of the car" - Miss R. Smith of St.Helens - Rover 75 in Green Metallic

"Used another company and the repair was not what I expected. Spray Smart did an excellent job of sorting out the repair and now the car looks like new" - Mrs G. Blundell of Widnes - Front bumper damage on Audi TT Quattro Black

"I was sceptical about the price as this was one of the cheapest quotes. The final results were flawless. I did not want to spend a great deal as I was selling the car. If required again I will most definately use Spray Smart" - Mrs K. Heath of Daisy Hill - several scrapes on Metallic blue Audi TT

"I was devastated when my daughter's ex-boyfriend vandalised the bonnet of the car with keyed writing. I was told the only way to deal with the bonnet was with a total respray. Spray Smart came out and said there maybe a possible way to deal with the bonnet without the need to respray. An hour and a half later the work was complete and all the writing had gone with a near perfect shine. I got Spray Smart to do the rest of the car to remove the surface scratching and polish swirls. Total spent was £120 and it was worth every penny" - Mrs J. Rigby of Bold Heath - Renault Megane Coupe in Silver